23 May 2024

Hair in all its glorious forms. Some I wish to keep…and much I would rather not. If there is one thing that is a daily battle…it is hair.

In this section I will share what I have tried. Some products are helpful while others are an out and out waste of money. I will be naming and shaming the bad ones and by the same token praising the good ones.
Also wigs and what goes with them.

I’ll start with my head hair: this is going to change a little I am informed. My natural hair is quite fine, it has always been thick ( a lot of it) but very fly away. In recent years it has lost some of that…but I still have a full head of shoulder length hair. I have always self coloured it with ‘box’ colour, much to the scolding of my beautician. It dries it out and does it no good she insists. Well I have been doing it for decades and it’s still there. And to be honest the cost of salon colouring is too much for my budget. I have almost always used the,

Schwarzkopf Poly colour; it takes 30 mins, I can do it myself and it costs almost nothing, Up to you of course…I’m just saying that’s what I use. I have tried different types…and even henna. I won’t ever use henna again, I went almost black and I couldn’t get it out. Colour removers send my hairdresser into shock mode…another topic best avoided.

Conditioners are a must…for me at least. Biotin & Collagen thickening conditioner is my choice. other treatments:

  • Schwarzkopt GLISS color repair and shine
  • Schwarzkopt Total Repair
  • Argon Oil hair treatment.
  • Hairspray: Cien

Well that’s my choice. They are all ‘budget’ priced products but I have no complaints. I have used a very expensive hair thickener (Olaplex)…which works very well, if you don’t mind the price.

OLAPLEX hair protector ( olaplex.com )
It has to be left on for quite some time. I was advised to leave it on overnight…wearing a shower cap…which I do. I don’t get much sleep though. It does do what they say…check it out.

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