15 July 2024

I love jewellery, there is a problem though. Women’s bracelets, rings and watches don’t fit an average man. Looking around, I found there is a selection of unisex jewellery.

These bracelets are 20cms in length which will fit most men’s wrists. However best to check! Watches are the same a wrist size of 18cms is going to be minimum for most male arms.

I’ve made some bracelets and of course they fit! The high street accessories shops are unlikely too,unless you have smaller wrists. They seem to all be about the same wrist size: 17cms.

I’m going to add some suggestions for making your own, and the ones I have made.

ladies watches that will fit

A good example of a ladies watch that will fit a male arm. Being a leather strap also gives you the option of fitting a bigger strap. This is a classic style and because of rectangular face it will look more in proportion on a larger wrist.

Watch length 240mm is a good length.

bracelet watches

My Michael Kors watch (a good fashion brand that shows you know some designers) has a 38mm diameter. This is a mid sized watch that is ladies and unisex. The strap length is standard men’s length. Removing links if necessary. Usually a case width of 35mm+ will have a longer bracelet length than a standard ladies watch.


Cuban link, 20cm bracelets will be a minimum I would suggest.

Czech crystal bead necklace

Necklaces too. 17″- 18″ is the standard length of a ladies necklace like this. There is usually an extender on the back that will allow another inch or so. Be sure to measure your collar size before deciding.

bead bracelets

This is where it gets less straightforward. If you have a small wrist (less than 17cms) you will be fine. However…I haven’t, so almost none of the available bead bracelets fit. Like me…you will have to make your own!

I have made many, and it isn’t difficult. Any bead shop or bead supplier will have what you need. Also some Etsy jewellery makers will make you bracelets/necklaces if you get in touch with them. I have a selection of designs I have made if you really get stuck.
Also I will only be making them for the trans community.
A transtyle collection you could say…perhaps lol.

Threading beads is easy.

Here are a few of mine and the 20cm Cuban link bracelet. Natural pearls, Tigers eye and assorted coloured beads.

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