24 June 2024

This site and me

All content is my own personal experience and opinion.”

I thought I should say that…

Whether I should have done things the way I have is another question…but I did and I can’t change that now. I am not recommending you follow my example, only that you see it for what it is and make your own decisions.

I offer no medical advice or counseling.

‘HRT and gender correction are way outside the scope of this site. See your doctor or health professional. No references will be made to prescription drugs or therapy. I will be discussing NON prescription supplements, herbs and extracts. These are readily available over the counter. Please note that doesn’t mean they are harmless…you need to look at anything you take in an informed and responsible manner.’

I show what I have done, the products I have tried and the advice I have taken. Links to suppliers, beauticians and other services are ones I use and have personal experience of.

I think that is enough of the disclaimers haha. Please enjoy the site; laugh with me, cry with me and be happy. I’m just one trans woman trying to find myself in this crazy little thing called life.

I’m not finished yet

This site is a work in progress…just like me. It won’t be as polished and slick as a commercial site…please allow for that X.

I’m going to add things as they happen and in whatever format works!
I have no idea what will happen next on this site…fun idea that 🙂

I don’t look like this all the time, it takes me hours to look good!

My Gender as I see it

Inside I’m a woman, in everyway I can imagine it. But to the outside world? They will judge me to be what they feel I am, I have no control over that. What I strive for is to be a good feminine person, ’embracing my femininity.’

Alex, September 2021