24 June 2024

…year 3 begins, what’s changed?

March 3 2021 I began my journey,
what has changed?

Where do I start? Well I look different that is for sure. Have I changed as a person? I don’t think so…but that is for others to decide. Topics to look at:

no surgical facials
Hair removal (oh yes this is a big topic)
Social connections, family and friends
Body shape, figure and weight
Skin and makeup
My new life as the true me

So lets have a look…but first, my self image

The header photo is Christmas 2022 but it has a filter added. Isn’t that just the definition of our time? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…whatever, do we project the real self…or the illusion we have about ourselves?

If the first 2 years has been about anything…it has been about my self image. Gender Dysphoria is the devil on my back…as it is for so many of us.
It is the easiest thing in the world to hide behind a ‘filtered’ image. To be honest it is near impossible not too. Being myself was never enough, I had to look like myself! And that is a dangerous path. I strive to be noticed and accepted. I want to be pretty…what girl doesn’t? That isn’t vanity…it’s a basic evolutionary need. From the moment we are self aware we want to be the best we can…by any device at our disposal.
I want to ‘pass’ (be seen as a woman) everywhere, shops, friends, everywhere really and misgendering…as any trans will tell you, is one of the most upsetting experiences you can have. OK it happens sometimes…that has to be accepted I think, especially in the early months. Many things can give me away…most noticeably voice.
The subject of ‘passing’ is a whole encyclopedia in itself.
Then again almost everyone uses filters, makeup or Photoshop at some point, so does it really matter? You don’t have to be trans to use it all girls do it…and many boys too I would guess.

coming soon…