23 May 2024
Restylane Kysse filler

Restylane Kysse lip filler.
I have used their photo as it is the product I have had done.
The procedure takes around 20mins. It is so great to walk out from the salon with an instant effect.

Full details here:…

I had my treatment at, ‘Indulgence’ in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Sharon was and is amazing. She is fully knowledgable about transwoman needs and gave me a very thorough explanation of the procedures.
Transwomens lips are going to be different to CIS (born female) women’s. I have found on this journey that an understanding of that and the gender dysphoria we suffer is a great comfort.
Also this is part of our transformation and a very exciting time…getting the lips I have never had is as much a present as a procedure. In short I wanted to enjoy it as best I can. It makes such a difference to feminisation…huge I would say.
My visit was professional and I felt totally at ease and confident in someone with her 20yrs experience.
My trust was well placed…I have a natural looking pair of lips that feel…well no different…but certainly look different.

I have used an example from the Restylane Kysse website.

I was too busy getting it done to take photos. I had 1ml. which is enough without making it ‘obvious I have had filler; no trout pout!

the procedure:

Lips were numbed with a Novocain wipe. I won’t give the exact details but basically a series of injections in to the top and lower lips, at a guess about 16 in all? but that is a close guess. Does it hurt? Well yes it does but the results are so good…you have to put up with it. No pain…no gain.
Some manipulation of my lips with her hands and that was about it after say 15mins. It didn’t hurt or bleed afterwards and there was no numb feeling in my lips. It took no time to get used to the improvement. As I stood up I knew it was worth the discomfort.
Cost? 1ml at this Studio was in the £350 range. I don’t know if that is variable on the individual needs of each client but it gives an idea.
The effects claim about 1yr until the filler has broken down in the lips and they return to where they were.