23 May 2024

Choosing the right makeup for a male face looked impossible…buying the right items of the right quality…that, I thought, is the secret.

I decided to take advice from beauticians. Specifically ‘Beauty fulltime’ in Wiltshire.
They have a well established shop and business with highly qualified beauticians. They will see me right I thought and that is proving to be the case. They sell online too and have a cool Instagram site. I always look forward to going in there, they make me feel welcome and special. So friendly and supportive. Check the link!

You can buy anything you like of course…but will it suit you…and do you know how to use it? In the shop I asked Megan’s advice. ‘This face and where I am right now in my early transition (3 months).”
The thing is I’m changing everyday, so there is no point investing in a huge range of products at the outset.
The basics stay the same though so this is what I started with:

Moisturiser: this is the most important start for your skin I was assured. Next would be a primer…but as I only intended to start with foundation, it isn’t too important. The choice of brand is up to you but I have become something of a Rimmel girl. Fairly priced and a good quality.

Foundation: the shade you will need is down to the advice you are given…and that advice is priceless. The one thing I don’t have is an ‘eye’ for a perfect shade. You can be sure most women have…but let’s be honest they have had a lifetime to learn it…we have a couple of months. I’m shade 300 (whatever that means) and I know that if nothing else…I’m not going to look a complete fool.

Mascara: I went for black/brown, this tones it down a bit which I think looks more natural. Be sure to get a waterproof 24hr mascara. Anything else, especially with these face masks we have to wear…you are going to look like a Panda at some point. I did twice…not a good look in public.
Eyeliner: putting on eyeliner is a mystical art! It looks easy until you try. It is definitely a skill that takes patience, practice and a cotton bud at the ready in your other hand. My eyelids are the texture of corrugated cardboard so…not a simple job.
there are three main types of eyeliner: pencil, pen and brush. I can’t get on with the pencil but it is the easiest to get straight. The pen works great on the back of your hand but on the hills and valleys of my skin…not great. The brush is the easiest to apply but also the most difficult to perfect. I have settled on the brush and liquid eyeliner. I’m persevering in using both hands to apply it. In the long run I believe it will make life easier…and the lines straighter.


Dior lip maximizer adds volume to your lips…and feels pretty nice too…

So much more to be added here! Please check back soon!

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