15 July 2024
This section covers clothes in general and clothes sizes: those weird numbers men aren’t used to. As well as tops, jackets, blouses, skirts, bras, underwear, belts, accessories,

The big one! I haven’t got to grips with this yet…I think it will take years!

What to wear? The transformation is a slow and constant one, and nothing sends out gender signals quite like clothes.

I start out male and move slowly to a female shape. Secondary gender signals, in the form of body fat are going to contour those lovely fabrics.

What I can wear is dictated by my outline.

apple and pear shapes

My male body shape is apple while a womans is pear. For a man the bulk of the body mass/fat is above the waist while for a woman it is below the waist.

I decided to lose weight asap…but that’s another topic.

Disguise is the name of the game

my owl top

Baggy tops hide the bulky torso…and until I have some boobs worth mentioning I can’t rely on that gender signal to focus attention. Shoulders need to be covered, especially with bigger muscles as I had. I say had, they have largely disappeared now…along with my biceps. Bingo wings have taken their place. I can live with that for now.
Forearms and wrists…not too much I can do but tight sleeves help; make them look as dainty as possible. Added some bracelets and bangles.

Below the waist, jeans or better still dark trousers. They need to be loose as I have no curves thighs or hips to get that lovely pear shape. It is the thing I long for the most…big thighs! Just me? I wonder…and a nice bum.
I went for long tops and baggy jumpers. The XXL does the trick. In some ways it can’t be too baggy…it brings emphasis to the clothes rather than my figure.


Cool Summer colours

My colouring is ‘cool summer’. I got advice on that at the beauty salon. It is something I had never heard of. I was firmly told to stop wearing black. Pastels and blue/greys are me. What are you?


soft silky fabrics

I like cotton, though synthetic feels nice, especially silky shirts. Wool is good but next to my skin, even my arms makes me feel uncomfortable. Knitted looks good on me and again sort of takes your eye away from the lack of curves.

Womens clothes sizes

sizes for men and women

This is what I have found, in addition to the various conversions out there. Womens clothes are measured to fit women…and as already mentioned they are pear shaped while men are apple shaped. So what might fit your waist may be enormous on your hips.
These measurements are a guide only
UK sizes for trousers/jeans:

  • men waist: 30″ women size 14 EU 42, US 10, size referred to as :M
  • men waist: 32″ women size 16 EU 44 US 12, size referred to as: L
  • men waist: 34″ women size 16 EU 48 US 16, size referred to as: XL
  • men waist: 36″ women size 22 EU 50 US 18, size referred to as: XL
  • men waist: 38″ women size 24 EU 52 US 20, size referred to as: XXL

These measurements are a guide only
UK sizes for tops and jackets:

  • men chest 44″ women size 22-24 , size referred to as: XXL or 3XL
  • men chest 42″ women size 20-22 , size referred to as: XXL or 2XL
  • men chest 40″ women size 18 , size referred to as: XL
  • men chest 38″ women size 16 , size referred to as: L
  • men chest 36″ women size 14 , size referred to as: M

Bra sizes

The tricky one, and going by womens sizes gets you nowhere.
I found these by trial and error. If I had know this list before I started I wouldn’t have so many chest crushing bras. I console myself with the thought that I will shrink into them someday.
This is for sports bras, which is a great first step with those tender boobs that are growing! Life gets very uncomfortable without one…and painful.

sports bras usual colours available

Here is the situation I have a 42″ chest and a size A cup!
a 42″ chest is a 3XL womens size. And even then you are pushing it. Add to that that sports bras rarely, if ever go, above 3XL
They don’t often unfasten so be prepared to struggle getting it off.
Chest size is measured around your chest under your armpits

  • mens chest 42″ womens 3XL
  • mens chest 40″ womens XXL or 2XL
  • mens chest 38″ womens XL or XXL
  • mens chest 36″ womens L

Disclaimer: These are the measurements I go by, that’s all I can say.