23 May 2024

‘The biggest section’
So much to talk about…where to start!

this section is being added to daily…sorry for the delay (Sept 2021)

skin tone
The face in general

‘nothing just happens overnight’

With some help from moisturisers…the first step better skin that looks healthier and feels smoother. Use night and day it has made such a big improvement to my skin. I began by use Cien, an inexpensive moisturiser that comes in different ‘types’. I went for a general day and a night cream.
I have moved onto better quality creams, more expensive yes…do they do more? I will tell you what I found further down.

It’s a long journey to getting skin like hers…so I need lot of help.

Do moisturisers help or hinder?

It isn’t universally accepted that using moisturisers everyday improves the skin. Some dermatologists believe using moisturisers makes the skin ‘lazy’ and less able to hydrate itself. As a base before makeup seems to at least give the skin a barrier…so I use it.
Moisturiser good or bad? (external link)

My face is the most important part of my body

It’s everything isn’t it, so it isn’t surprising I get so paranoid about it. I think everyone does…don’t they?
Hair is another topic…but hair sure is good at covering outlines and wrinkles. I think of it as my main form of disguise.

Lines, texture and wrinkles: Here’s my top of the list item, Sun Screen.

As a male I didn’t give it much thought, I went out in the sun…got a nice tan and a red chest. I actually thought that a good healthy look.
NO! Factor 50 sunblock at all times for me now.
Fair skin is a very good start to feminizing.
Megan at ‘Beauty fulltime’ put me straight on that at our first meeting.
Foundation has an SPF of typically 15 but it isn’t really enough. In addition I have facial laser treatment to consider. so I should stay out of the sun.

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