15 July 2024

I knew general health, weight, blood pressure and diet were at the centre of doing anything. And my doctor was sure going to check on these before I even started. I’ve deliberately decided that the medical HRT part of my story is to be left out here. I’m not giving advice, recommendations or health warnings. That is between doctor and patient…and pretty much private eh. All I’m saying is I had myself ready. I don’t smoke, I stopped drinking and I get good exercise. I also lost weight, a drop of 24lbs to a BMI of 23.
That’s as medical as I am going to get.

Am I ready for this?

There are so many things that I needed to be clear on in my mind…as everyone needs to be. Let’s say, the change of my physical body doesn’t meet my hopes. I don’t end up looking like the woman I want to be. That is a very real possibility. Also no matter how it goes…I’m not going to become any younger. I’m not going to get my youth back…and there is a sneaky part of me that still holds onto that delusion. No magic wand is going to whisk away my size 10 feet, 6′ 2″ frame or change the shape of my nose (though the nose is a possibility with other procedures.)
Even things like the daily routine of body and face are going to become hours rather than minutes. That’s a lot of body maintenance…and money.

Friends and family may be supportive at the outset but that initial novelty value may well wear off. It may be more difficult in the future not easier. Will I be a Grandad or Grandma? Am I prepared to walk away from them all if it gets too difficult, because I might have too.

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